More on the Diego Rivera Mural

Following the unanimous vote of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on January 12 giving landmark status to the mural, we feel confident that it is safe for the moment. There are higher degrees of protection at the state or federal level that could be sought should the need arise. But for the moment we celebrate the protection of this treasured part of our community. 

View “Rivera in America” by Rick Tejeda-Flores 

Filmmaker Rick Tejeda-Flores is one of several people from the community who rallied to help save the Diego mural. His 1989 documentary “Rivera in America” tells the story of the mural at SFAI and includes interviews with several of Rivera’s assistants. It’s a good time to see the mural placed in the context of Rivera’s time in the United States. You can view the one hour film here (password: rivera).

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